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Delicious ingredients for the food service industry

At ILG Food Group we go to the source. Our products are of artisan quality and taste delicious. From Green olives to traditional Dutch fries sauce, from Italian Roma tomatoes to wines from the world’s best-known wineries. We only select the most flavourful ingredients and best products

We know the industry’s wishes and are proactive in responding to them. After all, ILG’s roots are in the food service sector. Starting out as a local food service business, the company grew into an international player in the food market. We guarantee a wide assortment of food and non-food products for every professional kitchen.

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Our distribution power is your optimal inventory

Low prices thanks to purchasing at the source

Our roots are in the food service sector. We’ve been carefully selecting our suppliers for years. We invest in our relationships and reap valuable market knowledge. With a honed sense for taste and driven by entrepreneurship, we conscientiously pick the best products close to their source. We guarantee A-brands and top-quality food service sector products for the best prices.

Our distribution power is your optimal inventory

Organisational talent and determination are two key components of our Dutch character. Our product range features a very extensive selection of spices, pasta, canned goods, dairy products and frozen products. But we also have snacks, wines, soft drinks, non-food items and packaging materials. We have state-of-the-art distribution centre in The Netherlands. Every day we deliver orders to food service sector wholesalers throughout Europe.

For every professional kitchen

A Dutch company with Mediterranean roots. With this format, we have expanded to become market leader in southern European food products. We also have a comprehensive range of good quality Traditional Dutch products. We are up-to-date with all the latest food trends and developments. We are proud of our extensive range. Thanks to our range, we can supply all professional kitchens at very competitive prices.

We supply halal products to Turkish kitchens and many other restaurants. We know the regions where our imports are sourced and can identify the best local quality. Over the years, our range has become more comprehensive. We supply snack bars in the Netherlands with our snacks, chips and sauces. Today, our products are supplied to catering outlets and chains throughout Europe.

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