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From market demands to packaging

As an importer of today’s food service industry products, we respond to the food trends of tomorrow. Our food service industry experience inspires us to continue developing food and non-food items. We listen to our customers’ wishes in order to come up with new recipes, high-quality product lines and practical packaging. Does the market want high-quality meat products that are quick and easy to prepare? Then we develop handy portion packs with customised cuts of beef.

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Product Development-ILG Food Group
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Traditional Dutch snacks by Lecker

The Lecker brand supplies ILG Food Group with a complete line of traditional Dutch snacks. Taste and excellent quality are always top priority for Lecker. Lecker unites all the goodness of Dutch snack culture under the same ‘flag’ on the market. From traditional ‘bitterballen’ snacks to saté croquettes with a subtle Indian flare.

Lecker’s snack line composition is typically Dutch, but also very diverse. So Lecker products can be delivered just as easily to a snackbar as to a lunchroom with croquette sandwiches on its menu.

Lecker kroketten

Handy meat portion packs

Good meat is more about quality than quantity. ILG is launching a new line of delicious meat products on the market specially for the food service sector. The meat comes in individually wrapped portion packs to keep the meat tender and fresh.

The ILG portion packs can be used to create tasty meals for various professional kitchens. The portion pack packaging can be opened quickly and easily. The food service professional can then prepare the meat directly in the pan or on the grill.