Lamb Weston and ILG also partners for Swedish market

samenwerking Lamb Weston en ILG Food Group
Stephan van Kuik (CEO Lamb Weston) and Abed Ichoh (CEO ILG Food Group)

Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group are intensifying their collaboration to better serve the Swedish Mediterranean foodservice market. Thanks to the expertise of both companies, Lamb Weston’s products will find their way to the Swedish market more effectively through ILG Food Group’s dense distribution network.

Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group have been partners for the Dutch and Belgian markets for years and are now expanding their partnership to Sweden. Lamb Weston is renowned as a leading brand of frozen potato products. ILG Food Group has proven itself as a market leader in the Mediterranean foodservice market and has a strong presence in Sweden, supplying numerous foodservice wholesalers through its distribution network. Therefore, intensifying their collaboration is a logical step for both parties.

The partnership between Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group is not only based on shared expertise but also on already proven successes. With a strong focus on quality, service, and innovation, Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group are ready to achieve success together in Sweden.

From left to right: Johan Ichoh, Stephan van Kuik (CEO Lamb Weston), Abed Ichoh (Founder ILG Food Group), Tibor Warga, Roel Sweris, and Jurgen Meilink.