Traditional Dutch snacks by Lecker

The Lecker brand supplies ILG Food Group with a complete line of traditional Dutch snacks. Taste and excellent quality are always top priority for Lecker. Lecker unites all the goodness of Dutch snack culture under the same ‘flag’ on the market. From traditional ‘bitterballen’ snacks to saté croquettes with a subtle Indian flare.
Lecker’s snack line composition is typically Dutch, but also very diverse. So Lecker products can be delivered just as easily to a snackbar as to a lunchroom with croquette sandwiches on its menu.

Lecker’s corporate style reflects the quality of its products. The stylish black snack boxes have a streamlined and recognisable design. Thanks to the thick cardboard, Lecker snacks remain intact and at their best. Lecker snacks always come out of the fryer crispy!